The ARGear SDK:
All the essential AR features your users want

packaged into a lightweight SDK
The ARGear SDK:
All the essential AR features your users want packaged into a lightweight SDK
Get advanced AR features into your app without heavy investment
in R&D and AI tech capabilities.
  • Free to use SDK with various types of AR content
  • Easy to use online console to manage your AR service
  • Cost incurred only by end user's usage
  • Contact us directly to use additional features
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  • Free to use SDK with various types of AR content
  • Easy to use online console to manage your AR service
  • Cost occurred only by end user's usage
  • Need direct contact for using additional features
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Facial Landmark Engine
The ARGear SDK offers its own, powerful Facial Landmark Engine. This engine sets apart AR from competitors by allowing for the use of the most advanced face AR features including:
- Real-time tracking (extracts 85 landmarks)
- Tracking 5 faces simultaneously in real-time
- Providing real-time 3D Head Pose information
- Triggering on real-time face movement
- Eyebrows / Eyes / Mouth Landmarks can be added
Facial Landmark Trigger
The ARGear SDK has technology that allows users to experience the best, newest, trendiest AR content by using facial landmark triggers. By activating triggers with eyes, mouth, or head rolls, uses can trigger different AR effects.
2D Animation Sticker / Effects
ARGear SDK users have access to the ARGear contents shop, which has the largest collection of 2D stickers and effects available on the market. ARGear's 2D animation stickers and effects have the following technologies: 2D Sprite Animation, 2D PNG Sequence Animation, and Background effects.
Face Mask
ARGear offers a large collection of face masks created with 2D PNG Sequence Animation.
3D Animation Sticker
The ARGear SDK has the largest archive of 3D animation stickers and masks. The ARGear content creation team is composed of experts with unparalleled experience making content for global brands including Disney, Samsung, LG, and eBay. ARGear's SDKsupports:
- 3D Blendshape/ Skeletal Animation
- UV Texture mapping rendering
- 3D Light rendering
- Diffuse / Highlight/ Normal bump
- GLSL Shader language edit
3D Avatar
The ARGear SDK allows you to become your favorite characters with 3D avatar support. The SDK detects 28 blend shape weights in real time allowing for the most realistic 3D avatars.
Virtual Background
The ARGear SDK allows you to spice up your video calls and remote work conferences with virtual backgrounds. ARGear's machine learning engineers created seamless real-time portrait segmentation with accurate boundaries for a perfect virtual background effect.
Face Fun Bulge
Create fun face bulges for silly, otherworldly photos and videos. The ARGear SDK uses super accurate, detailed face adjustments in 16 face landmarks with extra focus on eyes, mouth, and nose details to allow for a variety of fully adjustable face bulge effects.
Face shaping
Users now can experiment with adjusting peoples' faces by using ARGear's landmark based face beautification. You can make eyes larger or smaller, change noses to be longer or narrower, and even change the placement of these facial features. Users can change the contours of faces to be slimmer, longer, and more pointed (v-line). All of these changes take place in real-time.
Skin Smoothing
The ARGear SDK provides advanced skin smoothing effects that erase blemishes, wrinkles and evens out colors (skin tone) in real-time. The strength of the skin smoothing effect is adjustable to fit poreferences.
Beauty Filter
Choose from over 80+ filters in the content shop to add unique atmospheres to your photos and videos.
The others
BGM Support
The ARGear SDK allows for background music support. Give your users another avenue of entertainment with music! Add your favorite songs and sounds to your AR content.
Supported Platforms
iOS, Android, Unity Support
ARGear currently supports iOS, Android, and Unity. Our engineers are working on adding more platform compatibility. (Web browser functionality coming soon.)
ARCore / ARKit Support
ARGear improves your experience of using ARCore and ARKit. You can take advantage of ARGear's contents archive by using it to add the best, most interesting content to your projects in ARCore/ARKit.
Additional Features
* Please contact us separately

3D Reconstruction Engine

ARGear has its own advanced 3D reconstruction engine. The engine enables you to take an image and produce a detailed 3D model. This technology is to create 3D AR avatars like in KT's 5G Narle video chatting app.

Gesture Tracking

ARGear tracks hand gestures so that effects can appear
with certain movements and hand shapes. For example,
making a heart shape with your hands can trigger
heart stickers and backgrounds. ARGear accomplishes by incorporating the following technologies
- Deep-learning Tensorflow Lite GPU Advance
- Extracting 21 hand landmark
- Inference-time : 50ms (Galaxy S8)
- Model size : 18.5M
- Supports all iOS/ Android

Virtual Make-up

ARGear's advanced SDK offers virtual makeup features. These features can be utilized either for general use or for retail use (virutal try on of different products. ARGear stands out with the following technological advancements
- Real time virtual makeup support
- Eye line / eye shadow / lipstick support
- Eye / Nose / Face detail adjustment link
- 16 detailed adjustment around face
- Link with AR effects such as stickers / effects

Body Pose Estimation

ARGear uses advanced body pose estimation technology to make certain effects come out with different poses. This can be extended to effects with avatars (i.e. waving), and clothes fitting for virtual try on features.

Facial Expression Detection

The ARGear SDK has the capability to detect and recognize over 40+ different facial features, attributes, and expressions. This technology has multiple possible applications including virtual makeup, beautification, changing hair color, changing hair style, applying different AR features to specific areas of the face, and more! The 40+ facial features/attributes include:
- facial hair shape
- eyebrow shape
- hair shape/ color
- eye shape/ placement
- lip size/ shape/ placement
- weight (chubbiness/ double chin)
- makeup
- cheekbones
- eyeglasses
- skin tone
- gender
- nose shape/ placement
- face shape
- hairline
- jewelry (earrings, necklace)
- smiling/ frowning
- hat
- lipstick
- approximate age (young vs. old)